What to Pack for your Key West Boat Rental

A Key West boat rental offers a unique opportunity to explore the stunning, turquoise waters of the Florida Keys. While the beaches are beautiful, nothing compares to a boat rental to enjoy your Key West vacation.

Prepare yourself for a successful adventure by properly packing for your Key West boat rental day. This guide is here to assist both experienced and beginners in packing efficiently to guarantee a memorable and safe day on the water.

Deck Boat rental sandbar hat


Wearing sunscreen is Key West is a must, you don’t want to go home looking like a lobster. Best to bring 50 SPF water resistant sunblock. Locations are best, please don’t spray sunscreen on the boat. Don’t forget your face, neck, back of legs, and feet.

It’s a good idea to apply sunscreen before your trip, when you get to the boat, and every hour or two.

Protective Clothing & Extras

Long sleeve t-shirts are a great way to protect your skin for the UV rays and stay warm on the way home. Long sleeve, moisture-wicking, lightweight shirts are a great option and are easy to pack. Many people like to pack water shoes

We recommend polarized sunglasses, that help reduce glare from the water and protect eyes. A hat does a great job of protecting your face from the UV rays.

Dry Bag

We recommend taking a dry bag with you to keep personal items like phones, keys, wallets, and extras dry. If you don’t have a dry bag, do what a lot of locals do and use a gallon zip lock baggie.

Beach Towels

You’re going to wanna dry off after a great day on the water. Some hotels provide a beach towel. If your hotel does not provide a towel, look into buying a Turkish towel or quick dry towel before your vacation. They are easy to pack and don’t take up too much space in your luggage.

Food & Drinks

Each boat rental comes with a cooler, so no reason to lug one with you, unless you’re bringing a lot.

Water is a must for a day on the water. Maybe some Gatorade or electrolyte drinks too. Please try to avoid glass, if possible.

Key West has plenty of choices for food, we recommend shopping at one near the marina. Going across town can add an hour and who wants to waste time on vacation. Sub sandwiches, fruit, and chips are great choices.

Water Toys & Tunes

Blow up floats and blow up noodles are easy to pack and bring on the rental boat.

Don’t forget your bluetooth speaker, so you can jam your tunes. Remember to charge your electronics the night before.

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